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We stated that the Trustees always try and offer you flexibility and this includes the selection of portfolios where you invest your money.

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The Normal Retirement Age is 60 but you may retire earlier from the age of 55, if the Company agrees.

If you leave the Fund before you retire, you will be entitled to the full fund credit amount, but you will be taxed depending on what you choose do with the fund credit when leaving the Fund.


If you die while you are still a member of the Fund and are still working for the Company, the Fund will pay out the following.



You will receive 75% of your total cost to company provided that the insurance company accepts that you are completely unable to work for medical reasons.




Most people do not save for a rainy day, never mind for their retirement. The M Retirement Fund will help you save for your retirement and will ensure that you have a regular income which may be enough for you to enjoy your retirement, especially if you have other savings as well. There are many things that you need to consider:


  • By maximising the tax position, the Fund will assist you to save and provides you with tools which you can use to plan for your retirement.
  • The Company will provide you with benefits if you get too sick to work because of illness or if you are involved in an accident.
  • The Fund will pay your family benefits if you die while employed with the Company.
  • If you leave the Company, you will be entitled to a withdrawal benefit entitling you to the option to take the benefit in cash, or preserving your wealth in a pension preservation fund.
  • Remember a preservation fund is always the recommended option as that amount will not attract any tax, unlike any amount you chose to take in cash.

You need to know what these benefits are, so that you can start planning NOW for you and your family’s wellbeing when you retire.


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Default Portfolio


Default option (M-Option)

A default portfolio means that if you do not select a portfolio you will be automatically invested in this portfolio.

The M Option is a life-stage portfolio. This means that a younger person will have a greater amount invested in the share market because even though shares are more risky, they normally give a higher return over a longer period of time...




High Growth Portfolio


High Growth Portfolio

This portfolio is for members with an aggressive risk profile. The aim of this portfolio is to provide a return of 5.5% above inflation, after tax, over a rolling 4 year period. The portfolio is invested in a combination of local and offshore shares, bonds, cash and a portion is also invested in Africa. ...




Moderate Growth Portfolio


Moderate Growth Portfolio

This portfolio is ideal for members with a more moderate risk profile. The aim of this portfolio is to provide a return of 4.6% above inflation, after tax over a rolling 3 year period. It is invested in a combination of local and offshore shares, bonds, cash and a portion is also invested in Africa...



Conservative Growth Portfolio


Conservative Growth Portfolio

The portfolio is designed to provide more protection than the other portfolios and is suitable for members close to retirement but does depend on their own financial planning at retirement. The aim of this portfolio is to provide a return of 3.3% above inflation, after tax over a rolling 2 year period...




Capital Guarantee Portfolio


Capital Guarantee Portfolio

This portfolio has 100% invested in cash and is thus similar to investing your money with a bank on fixed deposit. The Capital Guarantee portfolio is aimed at members who cannot afford for their fund credit to drop...




Shari'ah Option


Shari’ah Option

For members that would like to invest in funds that comply with Islamic law, the MFund has an option to invest in this Shari’ah fund. The Shari’ah portfolio is where investments are made in strict accordance with Shari’ah law and all investments are monitored by a Shari’ah Supervisory Board...





2019 Update

A focus area for the Trustees last year was the annuity strategy and in-fund preservation to ensure that the Fund was compliant with regulations by 1 March 2019. 


The Trustees and I would like to encourage you to make use of all the tools available to you to secure your financial well-being. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact us through the contact section on this website.


I would like to thank the Trustees and Principal Officer for their efforts over the past year in managing the M Retirement Fund in the best interests of our members and their beneficiaries.


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“As in all succesful ventures the foundation
of a good retirement, is planning.”